Disarming the Pulpit

gun in bible

I think it is time we begin a discussion about disarming the pulpit. Believe it or not, the pulpit has a lot of power.  Not only are sermons preached from their but often times, we pay more attention to what is said from the pulpit (announcements, mission moments, etc.) than we would if they were […]

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Justified by Faith? Whose Faith?


Like many who were preaching from the lectionary over the weekend, I had the opportunity to use Galatians 2.15-21 as my sermon text on Sunday.  This is the text which stirred up the pistis christou debate.  This Sunday was also graduate recognition Sunday which is why you will see so many graduation references in the sermon.  I […]

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Tony Jones is Strangely Warmed

Crackers Profile

Crackers and Grape Juice is the brain child of myself, Jason Micheli, Morgan Guyton, and apparently Tony Jones.  Well Tony thinks the podcast should be titled Strangely Warmed, a shoutout to John Wesley’s encounter with acid-reflux on Aldersgate Street.  I had the pleasure of talking with Tony last week, on day three of the United Methodist […]

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