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I fin classical rhetoric, 5th century, 'doxa' means generally or commonly held beliefs that holds a community together and 'doxa' are the things that are taken for granted within the day-to-day life of the community, how did the word get changed the mean something else?

Doxology reveals the fallacy of letting kids choose whether or not they want to be a part of the church. 

Do you need a reference to the Holy Trinity for a doxology to truly be a doxology? Does each person of the Holy Trinity need to be referenced? Is hymn #95 correct? Is hymn #94? Are you a 'bad 95'er?'

Are acts of public prayer a form of 'doxa' or are they an attempt to hold onto Christendom? 

Each week on (Her)Men*You*tics we’ll be tackling a theological term that you’ve either heard before or you’ve heard it doing its work in worship whether you realized it or not. We’re going alphabetically, 2 words per letter, and we’re doing it all in 25 minutes or less.


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