A New Day In The City

Church revival is not an easy task. While it took Jesus 3 days to overcome death, revival within the church takes more time. Donna Claycomb Sokol, pastor of Mount Vernon Place UMC in Washington, D.C., is leading her congregation in a revival.

Donna co-wrote A New Day In The City, about this transformation alongside L. Roger Owens.

In the interview I talked with Donna about Mount Vernon Place's public repentance for its role in white supremacy, as well as prophetic preaching. On its 100th anniversary, October 2017, the historic congregation, located along busy Massachusetts Ave., repented for its history of being a "representative church".

This particular portion of the interview is important because the banner signed by members of the congregation was displayed outside, along the busy streets of Washington, D.C. This was not only a public display of repentance but it was also a prophetic statement in the midst of white supremacists becoming more emboldened and less afraid of sharing their hatred publically.

Fast forward to November 27, when this banner outside the church were vandalized. 

If the events of Charlottesville, VA were not reminder enough that white supremacy, and the accompanying hatred is alive and strong in America, let the vandalism at Mount Vernon Place remind us all. I hope you enjoy this episode of C&GJ.


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