Bad Storytelling

"Teer, you are awesome at acquiring kettles, but not-so-hot at telling stories." This was the message I received from a friend/professor, Mike Stavlund (he has a book coming out soon and you should buy at least 15 copies of!), today in regards to my latest acquisition in the fight to stay manly.  Before I continue with my story you need some of the back story.

Mike introduced himself to our class as a Weber grill junkie.  He admits this proudly.  After he shared this side of his life with us I immediately knew he could help me with my grill search. Allison and I have need a new grill for the last year, but had not pulled the trigger on acquiring a new grill.  So I reached out to Mike for help.  Some of you might see this as a shameless attempt to get an A in his class.  Do not worry, that is far from the case (mostly because the class is Pass/Fail).  Mike agreed to help me with my search, and the hunt was on!

Yesterday I scored one of my better Craigslist finds, a slightly used One-Touch Silver 22.5" Weber charcoal grill.  I have to admit at this point, that I am a recovering propane grill junkie.  Yes, its true.  I succumbed to the easy and convenience of propane grilling in exchange from favor and more importantly my manhood.  So I scored my new grill and responded to my grill-mentor with the following message: "Call of the search.  Just got a 22,5"!"

I thought this was enough.  I let Mike know 1.) to stop looking for a grill for me, and 2.) that I was now in an elite club... the Weber grill owners association (if there isn't an actual Weber Grill association there should be).

So in response to Mike's critique of my ability to tell a story, here is my story:

I got bored (aka needed a break) at work yesterday and decided to surf craiglist.  I was looking for the 22 1/2" Weber grill and some homebrewing equipment.  I came across and ad on Sunday for a grill that is brand new BUT it is in Ashburn, and who wants to drive all the way to Ashburn.  The plan was to pick that grill up this coming Saturday.  While I was on Craigslist yesterday I found a used Weber that is in great condition, closer to my office, and $10 cheaper.  So I pounced on it.

The gentleman, Bill, had placed the ad five minutes prior to my response and already had three offers.  I told Bill I could be at his house in 15 minutes and the rest is history.  I even talked him into throwing in a bag of Kingsford mesquite charcoal for free since he no longer had a need for it.
So now I am ready to grill, ready for spring, and ready to ditch the propane.  Now all I need is something to cook!
Here is my new rig.