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Advent Begins Today

We have not acted and now we find ourselves beginning to retreat back into the ordinary time of the world. We assume the ordinariness of the summer life of the church gives way to kick-offs in the fall but Advent begins today!  The Hope and Promise of the Incarnation push the ordinary of the world to the side as the Hope and Promise of Christ’s justice and mercy take centerstage.

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Let All Creation Repent

The preparation John is calling for is a change in orientation, not pointing to guilt or shame, but instead facing in a new direction. A direction that allows the refiner’s fire to burn away the damage sin has done to creation and then live in the hopefully light of the coming Christ.

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Let All Creation Praise the Paradox

While we look at this season of anticipating a birth we have to also remember that Christ has already been born, and we now live as a Church awaiting his return and with his return the fullness of the Kingdom of G-d will be made known to us.

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