Civics (and I'm not talking about Hondas)

My little sister is working for RESULTS this summer as an intern in their D.C. office.  Aside from learning how pathetic wonderful our public transportation system is, she is also learning the day-to-day operations of a non-profit and also gaining insight for her post-college plans.  Goose (her nickname since she was 1 or 2) is blogging for RESULTS too. My sister will be the first to admit that we have not always seen eye-to-eye on a variety of social and/or political topics.  However, I can say that we have always been able to have a respectful and meaningful dialogue to the point that she has opened my eyes beyond some of my preconceived political entrenchments.  Check out her first post about civics and how students today are receiving a disservice and have become complacent in their education.  Be sure to follow her throughout her journey in D.C. this summer!

Here is an excerpt from her first posting:

"Wondering where this complacency comes from, I think back to the last time that I learned about American government and realize it was in my 8th grade government class discussing the three branches of government and how elections work. As a rising senior in college, I find it shocking that my education in civics ended there."

Youth Inaction: What Does Complacency Mean for the Future of Democracy?