Crackers & Grape Juice - Top 16 of '16


2016 marked the official launch of Crackers & Grape Juice. Who would’ve thought that little podcast that started with poor audio and an even poorer understanding of how to fix it would steadily grow each month. Since April 2016 C&GJ has grown from 490 to 11,000+ downloads monthly (as of December 2016). To that Jason, Morgan, Taylor, and I owe a debt of thanks to you our listeners and subscribers.   We’ve maintained a 5-star iTunes review as we learned how to produce a quality podcast. Yes there have been hurdles and hiccups along the way but through each of them we’ve learned, grown, and hopefully moved on from those mistakes.

This month a few of us will be at the Beer Theology Camp hosted by Tripp Fuller and Homebrewed Christianity. If you are attending as well, please stop by and say hello. We’d (Jason) love to buy you a beer.

Before we move into 2017, here’s the list of our top episodes from 2016. This list is what you’ve loved the most (or hated the least). Perspective is everything.

  1. David Bentley Hart: All Creation Afire as a Burning Bush
  2. Joseph Mangina: Karl Barth for Dummies
  3. Rob Bell, Part 1: Under Attack by Ideas
  4. N.T. Wright, Part 1: He Never Says ‘Um’
  5. Father James Martin: Heaven and Mirth
  6. Fridays With Fleming: Don’t Preach Lettuce Sermons
  7. N.T. Wright, Part 2: Still No ‘Um’
  8. Eric Hall: Giving Up Faith (in Sola Scriptura)
  9. Brian McLaren: The Great Spiritual Migration
  10. Kenneth Tanner: Our Biggest Fan
  11. Ian McFarland: Creation(from nothing)ism
  12. Wild Geese: Bec Cranford
  13. Fred Schmidt: Stained Glass Language
  14. Will Willimon: Stopping the Obsession With Clergy Coitus
  15. Gnostics Are Better Than John Piper
  16. Will Willimon: Fear of the Other

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