Dr. Soulen Comes To Pub Theology

Last week we gathered again at Forge Brew Works for another installment of Pub Theology.  I think we might need to come up with a new name for our group if we continue to meet in brewery instead of a pub. Usually during Pub Theology the conversation is driven by the gathered group but this time we changed things up.  We invited Dr. Kendall Soulen to join us.

Soulen lecture

Dr. Soulen is a member of the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church. Besides being interested in 'all things theological' and an avid fan of Karl Barth (which promtley resulted in a man-crush from Jason), he is an old-time banjo and fiddle player. His most recent books are The Divine Name(s) and the Holy trinity: Distinguishing the Voices (2011), and Handbook of Biblical Criticism, 4th edition (2011).

Jason and I (mostly Jason) lead the group through a series of questions that were specifically tailored to Kendall's expertise.  Our conversation covered everything from biblical curse words to Jewish Christian relations with some Karl Barth sprinkled in as well.

Photo Credit: Terri Phillips

My biggest take away from the evening was Kendall's remark that "I don't know" is an acceptable theological response.  It has been my experience that pastors and especially seminary students feel the need to always have an answer.  This has been my experience in youth ministry where teenagers can ask questions that blindside you and you quickly stumble for a response.  To hear a professor and distinguished theologian say that "I don't know" is an acceptable response (except on a Credo paper) was reassuring and validating.

Podcasts like this will become a regular thing and have taken on the title of "The Tamed Cynic Podcast".  I am doing these podcasts with my mentor as part of learning goals for an internship I am currently a part of at Aldersgate, in connection with my work at Wesley Theological Seminary.

Be sure to subscribe by using the tab to the right for future podcasts!  In the coming weeks we have Tripp Fuller, Stanley Hauerwas, Thomas Lynch, David Bentley Hart, Megan Rohrer, and many many more.

Thank you again to Forge Brew Works for graciously opening their doors and welcoming us with an awesome venue to meet in and great beer to drink!