Emergence Christianity

This semester I am taking two classes that have an emphasis on Emergence Christianity.  I apologize now if I go back and forth between Emergence and Emerging.  Please know I am referring to the same thing and mean no disrespect.  I do find it interesting that a seminary operated by a global denomination would offer classes in Emergence Christianity, when the Emergence movement is weary of institutional seminaries. Image

Back to the topic of the post.  Over the past few days I have been reading Emergence Christianity by Phyllis Tickle and I am expected to lead a class discussion on the book this week.  What I am most take by, and it is due to my ignorance, is that this movement has been going since the establishment of Taize.

Another fact that I find interesting are all of the authors I have enjoyed reading over the past year that, according to Phyllis are considered part of Emergence Christianity.  Again, this is most likely an oversight and due to ignorance on my part.

What is evident from my reading at the beginning of this semester and my experience so far, Emergence Christianity is here to stay.  This can be proven by the growing popularity of writers such as Phyllis Tickle, Tony Jones, and Brian McLaren.

Please check back over the coming weeks for more on my experience learning about Emergence Christianity.