Emergence Christianity - Worship

Emergence-Christianity-coverAs I have been reading Emergence Christianity I've been thinking about how the church is  embracing the many diverse methods in which our senses are stimulated.  Tickle writes,

"-all of it is there and every bit of t is present because of one thing.  All of the worshiper must be present for worship, profitable instruction, and godly discernment to occur."

So my question now is, if we acknowledge that students learn best through the engagement of all the senses and that there are multiple ways in which people learn, then why on earth do so many of us insist on a one-dimensional experience of worship?  I know that people are most comfortable just sitting back and "enjoying the show", and that is mostly due to the way we consume our ways through life... but for "all of the worshiper" to be present, shouldn't we be doing more to engage the ENTIRE worshiper?

I'd love to have some feedback on what congregations are doing to engage the entire worshiper.  In your experience, what has worked and what has not worked?