Faithful Presence & The Fitch Option


Author and professor David Fitch joined Jason & Morgan to talk about "The Fitch Option" or the "Saint Patrick Option", which is outlined in his new book, Faithful Presence: Seven Discipline That Shape the Church For Mission, on the latest episode of Crackers & Grape Juice. The opposite of the Benedict Option, David offers us disciplines that will shape the church for its mission.

"If the Kingdom of God is a social reality, it is something worked out among the people."

Fitch argues that the Kingdom of God is about transformation of the whole community. Transformation is not limited to a particular family, both the literal family and Christian family. Reconciliation is displayed in the community so the world can see what we mean when we use the church-y terms describing what God is doing.

Check out David's option and then check back to the podcast next week to hear Rod Dreher's Benedict Option.

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