Flying Dog Has Done It Again!

Yesterday I shared with you that Flying Dog was going to begin selling homebrew kits for a selection of their beers.  The folks at Flying Dog have taken another step to becoming America's most beloved brewery.  They did the unthinkable... paired beer AND Girl Scout cookies together!

“At my old job, there was this unspoken obligation to buy cookies from the boss, even if you were on a diet or had diabetes,” one Flying Dog employee said. “But here, there is a greater sense of purpose behind the cookies.”

Now I am a Samoas guy.  Do not leave a box of those things unaccompanied near me because I cannot be held responsible for what WILL happen.  It just so happens that the geniuses at Flying Dog paired my FAVORITE Girl Scout Cookie with my FAVORITE Flying Dog beer, Raging Bitch.

And if you are a cookie dunker, aka you cannot separate your cookie from you beverage, Flying Dog has you covered with two "definitely dunkable" pairings -- Trefoils with Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout and Thin Mints with Kujo Coffee Stout.

Check out the rest of the pairings here.