Flying Dog Stove Toppers

I have to admit when I first read that Flying Dog was going to release all-grain homebrewing kits in 2013 I was skeptical.  Then, after careful consideration I began to see the light.  I love Flying Dog beer.  I have visited the brewery, and it was one of the best brewery tours I have been on.  I grew up in Frederick, MD and Denver, CO is one of my favorite cities to visit.  So I'm in.

“Like many brewmasters, I started out homebrewing,” Matt Brophy, Flying Dog brewmaster, said in a release. “Homebrewers spread the gospel of craft beer through their craft and ours, so I think breweries have a responsibility to foster and inspire the homebrewing community.”

Brewhound wrote a nice article about the release along with the following schedule for each Flying Dog beer:

  • March: Raging Bitch Belgian-Style IPA
  • April: Woody Creek Belgian White
  • May: Single Hop Imperial IPA with Citra
  • June: Snake Dog IPA
  • July: Dogtoberfest Marzen
  • August: The Fear Imperial Pumpkin Ale
  • September: Single Hop Imperial IPA with Sorachi Ace
  • October: Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout
  • November: Single Hop Imperial IPA with Simcoe
  • December: Barrel-Aged Gonzo Imperial Porter