God is not a white man???

God is not a white man

The first lesson I learned at WTS was inclusive language.  No longer would I refer to humanity as mankind. This also was the case when referring to God.  Every class at WTS has an "inclusive language" policy in it's syllabus.  By using inclusive language over the past year when referring to God I have removed the constraints I place on God by the manner in which I refer to God.

"I will respect each person’s integrity, values, conscience, spirituality, and theology and will protect the welfare of all persons, considering the impact of my words and actions on those around me."

Allison shared a music video with me yesterday which describes God beyond our own box which we try to put God in.  It also goes on to say that basically God loves everyone (yes, even republicans & democrats).  The notion of God loving everyone seems to have been lost lately in our public dialogue over same-sex marriage, aid to foreign nations, and even gun-laws.  Once we move beyond our own preconceived notions of what God is or what God is not, we will finally be able to love God and also serve God by serving all of God's people.

God is Not a White Man