Interview With the Bishop

20140220-073439.jpgLast week Jason invited me to join him in a conversation with Bishop William Willimon. Bishop Willimon served for 8 years as a United Methodist Bishop in Alabama, and now serves a church in Durham, NC and teaches at the Duke Divinity School. Bishop Willimon is not only one of the most important voices within the United Methodist Church, he is also one of the most important voices in Christianity today.

While I was extremely nervous to be speaking with someone like Bishop Willimon, I found him to be down to earth and willing to have a conversation about not only missional theology (my favorite part of our conversation) as well as deficiencies in the seminary systems ability to prepare clergy for the leadership roles they are assuming.

His voice is one that is not rooted in pious theological jargon.  His willingness to use everyday language (like the 4 letter ones I use daily) made me feel very comfortable talking to him and allowed me to lower my guard and relax a bit.

Much to my surprise, I found out that Bishop Willimon has spent time with a few of my favorite authors during his time preparing the Animate: Faith/Bible series.



You can listen to the audio from our time with Bishop Willimon below:


At the end of March Bishop Willimon will be at Aldersgate to preach on Sunday morning and will be available for conversation afterwards with a luncheon.

For a list of Bishop Willimon's books click here.

You can also follow his blog here.

Be on the lookout over the coming weeks as I join the Tamed Cynic podcast and give HBC a run for their money!