Keys to a Successful Podcast Recording - Consistency


Crackers and Grape Juice has it 250,000 downloads this week! Something that started off as a hobby has grown more than Jason, Taylor, Johanna and I could have ever imagined. If you've been with us since the pilot episode, you know that there have been some hiccups along the way. Remember none of us have a background in audio engineering. Three of us studied theology while Johanna studied the dictionary.

There has been much to learn over the past 150+ episodes on Crackers & Grape Juice alone. Podcasting has become a passion of mine. It has changed the way we communicate with one another. Everyone and anyone is able to podcast right from their phone or computer,  share it on social media, and thus the world. We truly are living the greatest communication shift in the last 500 years (Brady Shear of Pro Church Daily coined this phrase).

We made a bunch of mistakes and also learned some tricks along the way. Here are my top tips and tricks for you if you are already podcasting or considering starting a podcast.

Consistency is Key

I am asked regularly how often we record for Crackers & Grape Juice. The truth, if you asked my wife would be too often.

When we began Crackers and Grape Juice over two years ago, we recorded one episode per week. I would be doing the editing and the episode would be scheduled a week later. It was a good system.

We toyed with posting two episodes per week. This required not only recording more - the fun part of podcasting - but it also required more editing. Because I knew how to edit audio this task fell to me. Having one person editing the show ensure consistency from episode-to-episode which for a podcast is important.

Listeners do not always begin listening to a show with episode one. They might jump in at episode 13, 44, or 152. This means that at some point you need to commit to a format and stick with it. Your listeners will appreciate knowing the format of the show AND it will make your life easier when you go to edit.

The second part of consistency is that you need to post episodes consistently. If you're a weekly show pick a day and time, and schedule those episodes. You can schedule episodes weeks and months out. Last year when Taylor and I were moving we scheduled episodes nearly two months out. That ensures our show did not suffer and at the same time too stress off of us. 

I truly believe that if you are not posting weekly episodes, at a minimum, you will not establish an engaged audience. There are hundreds of podcasts out there, if not thousands, about the same topic you're speaking on. This does not mean that what you're posting once a month isn't valuable. It means that someone else is providing your listeners with the content they want.

By scheduling episodes, you have the ability to establish a routine. Whether you post weekly or daily, establishing a consistent routine and keeping it will ensure your listeners do not bail on the show.

Are you a podcaster? What are you doing to ensure consistency in your show? Do you have a regimented schedule or do you shoot from the hip?

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Let's talk about it. Are you considering launching a podcast but aren't quite sure where to start? Do you have a show but want to take it to the next level? Are you part of an organization that already creates content on a regular basis but isn't quite sure where and how to share it?

Schedule a time now to talk further about how podcasting can help you share your message with the world.