A New Idea for Valentine's Day


Today is Valentine's Day.

If this is news to you, stop reading this and go buy your spouse some flowers and chocolates.

If you are like me then you feel like every year Valentine's Day sneaks up you.  It's like the date changes every year or something.  But luckily there is expedited shipping and online retailers who specialize in my particular circumstance.

I could buy Allison a beautiful necklace or a piece of art from an up and coming artist, but what my valentine wants more than anything is for me (and our) communication skills to be kicked up a notch.

I have select ADD, as in I select what I want to listen and not listen to.  If I am not interested or become distracted by a shinny object I immediately check out.  In turn, my dear loving wife becomes irritated and proceeds to a) get pissed, or b) get pissed and let me know she's pissed.

If there is one thing I have learned in the four years we have been married, its that communication can make or break a marriage (or any relationship for that matter).  Communication, believe it or not guys, is more important than sex in a marriage.  You can have the greatest sex life in the world, but if you and your spouse are unable to communicate on the other side of the covers you are on a rocky road, and in my experience that relationship is doomed.

So instead of convenience store chocolates (which reminds me I need to stop on at 7-11 on the way home), Hallmark cards, and fancy jewelry this Valentine's Day consider talking (and LISTENING) to your spouse.  I know that in my house that would go farther than any over-priced heart shaped candy or a Dr. Seuss inspired greeting card.