One Journey

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What if I told you 1/123 people were displaced refugees?

What if I told you that means there are 65 million people displaced today?

Would that have an impact and change the way you think of refugees?

The One Journey Festival is coming up this weekend, June 2 and I want you to join me there.

From the festival organizers:

Art . Fashion. Food. Music/Dance .

One Journey was founded in 2017 by two American immigrants who wanted to share with others the positive, welcoming reception they received as newcomers. Driven by grassroots volunteers, our team is a made up of nonprofit gurus, industry stalwarts, and local DCists, many of whom are refugees.

Our Mission:

To shift the narrative about refugees in America by connecting people through the shared languages of humanity: art, food, fashion, music and dance.

Our Vision:

No 1. To awaken a sleeping giant: America’s big heart for refugees.
We are launching a national movement for compassion and empathy that will inspire all to turn their faces and hearts to this refugee crisis.

No 2. To counter the nativist backlash and political actions that threaten refugee support. 
One Journey is shifting the narrative about refugees by celebrating their courage, stories, talents, and remarkable contributions.

No 3. To spread our message: refugees benefit our society. 
Helping refugees is not just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do!

I had the pleasure of speaking with the co-chairs of the festival, Wendy Chan and Vanda Berninger, on the latest episode of Crackers and Grape Juice.



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