Passing the Time at Seminary - Guard Your iTunes Playlist

On Thursday's I am on campus from 8:30am until 9:30/10:00pm for class. Now all this time on campus can drive a normal person to insanity. However, I am finding fun activities to make passing the time at seminary a little easier.  Today I am being nosy. In the age of computer hackers and stolen identities it is beyond me why anyone still has their laptop open to other users on an open network. So this afternoon I have killed some time by browsing the iTunes playlists of those in the WTS library who do not have their playlists protected.

Just as I expected most of the music found in these libraries are either contemporary christian or lame/boring pop music.  I found more Jars of Clay songs on Jessica's playlist than any one human being should have downloaded. Hillsong United, Hillsong Live, and Hillsong who cares are also popular here in the WTS library.

I have not found one ounce of the Black Keys, anything but the lastest hit from 99.5, any form of bluegrass, or alternative music other than Adele or Coldplay here in the library. To say the least I am very disappointed in my fellow classmates. My hope is that everyone with "good music" has common sense enough to at least lockdown their computer so that hackers (or the bored classmate) cannot be too nosy.