So That We Can Be The Body of Christ

[spreaker type=standard width=100% autoplay=false episode_id=9423874] jerry-herships-1Jerry Herships is probabyly the pastor you have never heard of but should have.  He is the pastor of Afterhours Denver, a faith community meeting in bars on Monday nights and serving the homeless population 365 days year in downtown Denver, Colorado.

I first heard of the work Jerry and his conspirators are doing through a coaster.  Yup, evangelism can happen through a coaster.  I was in Denver on a business trip during my first year in seminary when I sat down at a bar in Denver, and then much to my surprise was invited to participate in the work Afterhours is doing.  No, someone didn't grab me by the shoulder and try to sell church to me.  I was intrigued so I googled and learned some more.  A few days later, I flew home, and didn't think much of Afterhours.

Last CallFast forward 5 years.  I am perusing looking for new book to pass some time during an upcoming conference.  I order Last Call: From Serving Drinks to Serving Jesus.

I don't read books.  I still read books but not all the way through.  Very rarely do I finish a book cover-to-cover.  This book is different.

Two sittings.

That's all it took. Not because it is a short book but instead because I couldn't put it down.  You are going to laugh, shake your head in agreement, and think to yourself, "they are living out the line from our UMC communion liturgy that most of us barely remember hearing."

"that we may be for the world the body of Christ"

The stories Jerry shares about his experiences with "the guys" is a breath of fresh air.  Too often we hear about mission work that takes place "over there" or for one-two weeks a year.  Missional church is a buzz word that often times remains just a catchy buzz word to get you in the door.

Afterhours is different.

Jerry is different.

In this episode Jerry talks about ending a church service that was drawing 300+ people.  Seriously, who does that!?!? Someone who realized that the established goals of a church mission were not being met.  That takes balls.

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