Spiritual Formation - Faith Stepping Stones

stepping-stonesYesterday I presented the idea that spiritual formation is something that can and should be part of family life.  To follow up on that post I want to share something from Faith Inkubators, Faith Stepping Stones.

Faith Inkubators offers a five step process or five activities that can be integrated into the daily life of your family (and you don't need to any training or theological background to start the conversation).

Step One: Share Highs and Lows. Name something good and bad you experienced today.

Step Two: Read a verse from your Bible.

Step Three: Talk about how the verse relates to highs and lows.  Unpack the verse a bit.  What does it mean in your own words?  How might it relate to where you are today in our highs and lows?

Step Four: Pray for one another's highs and lows, for your family, and for the world.  Simply talk to God, thank Jesus for the good, ask the Holy Spirit for guidance in specific problems.

Step Five: Bless one another.  Trace signs of the cross on one another's forehead or palm as a reminder that you belong to God and to one another.

If you are not currently talking to your kids about your faith or their faith would you be willing to give this a try?  If you do talk to you kids about their faith, what has worked?  What was a flop?