Still Don't Think Twenty-Somethings Are a New Breed??

So you still don't think twenty-somethings are a new breed, and you think that they are egotistical fools who are refusing to adapt to the world that you have known for 50+ years here is something for you to consider. This generation that is currently in college or recently out of college are the first generation to live in a total digital world.  They are the first to grow up with internet in the house, Skype, cell phones, and wifi.  According to a NY Times article by Tamar Lewin, the top three events for this generation are as follows:

  1. Digital culture
  2. The economy
  3. 9/11

“It’s only technology if it happened after you were born.”

The article by Lewin, highlights a book that examined the traits and habits of this generation over the course of a few years.

This generation was one of the first that were not "allowed to skin their knees".  Everyone received a participant ribbon, each musician is the best at their craft, and that are all the best.  Parents, the generation you are frustrated with is the generation that YOU created!

So, as churches attempt court (or play with the idea) with this generation, this article from the NY Times might be a good starting point to develop a basic understanding of this generation.