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No, Follow Christ

The calling extended to Peter, “Follow me,” is the same calling extended to each of us when we emerge from our baptismal waters. This calling - “Follow Me” -  is an invitation to meet Christ at his table, but “Follow me” is also an invitation to experience the fullness of the freedom extended to us by the power of Jesus’ Easter victory - the final victory over our captivity to sin and death.

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Belief, Not Doubt

Faith that comes from the peace of Christ is not something we do or attain on our own.  We see throughout Christ’s ministry, death, and now in the aftermath of the resurrection - in the light of the empty tomb - faithfulness in places where our own faithfulness falls short. Regardless of our demands for signs to subside our doubts the faithfulness of Christ provides us with the peace we need.

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We Are The Walking Dead

In our endless conflict over relevancy, which essentially has become how do we get millennials to walk through our doors we are moving like the walking dead. Not quite dead but not quite living. Not quite living because we have forgotten that the one who called us and sent us was not concerned with relevancy. Christ himself was concerned with two things: loving God and loving each other.

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