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Closed Hearts, Closed Minds, Closed Doors.

The United Methodist church has been home for me for almost half of my life, all of my adult life. I’ve never felt like an outcast or an outsider. I’ve been welcomed into stranger’s homes because of our commonality of being a United Methodist. I’ve baptized our children in the United Methodist church. I’ve debated theology and polity, I’ve asked hard questions, and every single time it’s been welcomed with open minds and thoughtful consideration.

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Trumping the United Methodist Church

Does the UMC need a Donald Trump to emerge, willing to disrupt the status quo? Can the UMC move beyond the debate of human sexuality, which is really a debate over power and money, and live into is mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world?

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The Idolatry of Race

For Episode 72, Crackers and Grape Juice caught up with Duke Divinity professor and retired UMC Bishop Will Willimon to talk about racism, the Donald, and how we can look forward as America’s dirty little secret surfaces again. “Who Lynched Willie Earle?: Preaching to Confront Racism” is available February 2017.

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