The Noise of Politics


Today on Crackers & Grape Juice we are sharing part 2 of a conversation Jason & I had with Fred Schmidt about election day. Fred is of the opinion, and I am now leaning this way, that Election Day communion & prayer services are not things faith communities should be participating in. There are people who listen to the podcast who will disagree but I hope everyone will take a few minutes today or this week to hear Fred out. In addition to this episode, today in our staff devotion, we read & discussed the following prayer from Walter Brueggmann. Together, today's episode and this prayer, are resources for you to use in and out of your faith communities.

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We watch as the jets fly in with the power people and the money people, the suits, the budgets, the billions.

We wonder about monetary policy because we are among the haves, about the generosity because we care about the have-nots.

By slower modes we notice Lazarus and the poor arriving from Africa, and the beggars from Central Europe, and the throngs of environmentalists with their vision of butterflies and oil of flowers and tanks of growing things and killing fields.

We wonder about peace and war, about ecology and development, about hope and entitlement.

We listen beyond jeering protesters and soaring jets and faintly we hear the mumbling of the crucified one, something about feeding the hungry and giving drink to the thirsty, about clothing the naked, and noticing the prisoners, more about the least and about holiness among them.

We are moved by the mumbles of the gospel, even while we are tenured in our privilege.

We are half ready to join the choir of hope, half afraid things might change, and in a third half of our faith turning to you, and your outpouring love that works justice and that binds us each and all to one another.

So we pray amid jeering protesters and soaring jets. Come by here and make new, even at some risk to our entitlements.

Prayers for a Privileged People, Walter Brueggemann

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