The Story of God


James Younger, executive producer of National Geographic’s The Story of God with Morgan Freeman, joins the podcast to discuss faith, religion, and all things Story of God. The Story of God was a sponsor of Theology Beer Camp in sunny rain-soaked SoCal.

To make this event even better Chapman Crafted brewed two special beers in honor of Morgan Freeman. There was the IPA called “The Voice of God” and the dIPA called “The Rumble of God” in honor of Morgan’s most luscious pipes. I can tell you both did justice to the beauty that is Morgan Freeman's voice.

Other great podcasts were present at Theology Beer Camp and they too interviewed James. Take sometime today to check out the work of Nathan Gilmour of the Christian Humanist podcast HERE and he Newsworthy with (Luke) Norsworthy podcast HERE.

Better yet, check out the companion podcast to the The Story of God With Morgan FreemanThe Story of God-cast, hosted by Tripp Fuller and Barry Taylor.

You can watch The Story of God with Morgan Freeman on Monday evenings at 9 PM EST on the National Geographic Channel.

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