Tony Jones is Strangely Warmed

[spreaker type=mini width=100% autoplay=false episode_id=8543562] Crackers and Grape Juice is the brain child of myself, Jason Micheli, Morgan Guyton, and apparently Tony Jones.  Well Tony thinks the podcast should be titled Strangely Warmed, a shoutout to John Wesley's encounter with acid-reflux on Aldersgate Street.  I had the pleasure of talking with Tony last week, on day three of the United Methodist Church's quadrennial gathering.

tjI first met Tony four years ago.  Yes that's right, if the UMC meets every four years I met Tony right after the last General Conference.  I was a new minted youth pastor with one year of seminary under my belt, and had recently begun the ordination candidacy process in the UMC.

My how time changes things.  Four years later I am a youth pastor at a new church who recently graduated from seminary, an ordination process dropout, and have my very own podcast.  Look at me, I'm all grown up.

Tony and I had a chance to recap the 2016 Progressive Youth Ministry Conference where Rob Bell knocked it out of the park with his closing day plenary session.  I had never attended a youth ministry conference but at my very first one I not only got to meet Rob Bell but he was also the opening act to the workshop I presented with my Presbyterian friend Amanda Pine.

I hope you enjoy the conversation.  I really enjoyed recording it.  Tony's work on atonement theory has helped me to begin the process of rethinking how we invite students to respond to the Gospel message.  His latest book, Did God Kill Jesus? (now available in paperback), is a great resource for anyone wants to learn more about the cross.  And contrary to popular belief, this book should be allowed in most church libraries.

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