Voices of General Conference


In an effort to provide honest conversations from the 2019 Special General Conference, the Crackers & Grape Juice team invited supporters of all of the plans being considered by the United Methodist Church’s governing body to explain why the plan they support is the correct plan.

Anna Golladay was removed from her appointment because she officiated a same-sex wedding. She has traveled to St Louis for the called General Conference as a lay observer, present to ensure the LGBTQ voices in her Bible-belt community are not ignored as the United Methodist Church meets to find a way forward.


Mark Tooley explains why the Traditional Plan from the Commission on the Way Forward is the best plan to help the United Methodist Church move forward in this ongoing conversation about human sexuality.

Mark Tooley is an American Methodist layman and writer. He is a lifelong member of the United Methodist Church, who became president of the Washington-D.C. based Institute on Religion and Democracy, in 2009, a conservative religious think tank noted for its opposition to religious and social liberalism.

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