What Would Jesus Brew?

If you know me then you know I am nut when if comes to craft beer.  I like to think that I jumped on the craft beer bandwagon when it was first getting started and before it was the latest trend.  It was my interest in craft beer that got me hooked on homebrewing my own beer.  I love beer.  I love the history of beer, the process and time it takes to make beer, and I love trying new beers. My grandmother, aka Ahmama, knows that I love beer so much that whenever she sees a news article (in one of the 12 newspapers she gets daily) or an internet (yes, my Ahmama is on Facebook)article she will pass them on to me.  Like the article I got from her on Sunday morning while I was leading Tribe Time and getting elbow deep in paper-mache.  The Wall Street Journal ran an article about a churchs who are using beer, more specifically craft beer and homebrewing, as a way to reach to an 'untapped' community of people and share the Gospel with them.

The group's name is 'What Would Jesus Brew?' or WWJB? for short.  This group gets together 5 times a year to brew, discuss scripture, and enjoy fellowship with one another.  The idea has been so successful at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in North Carolina that they have created a local brewing competition among other churches who are following the lead of WWJB?.

"Beer provides the opportunity to tap into that deeply God-given desire to create,"

Check out the article in the WSJ and let me know if you're interested in Virginia version on this homebrewing fellowship.