What's Your Backstory


Everyone has a backstory, and for preachers, that backstory sets the stage for preaching. 

As a full-time pastor and seminary student I fully understand the tension that exists between the preacher and the community, the preacher and the world, and the preacher and a finite amount of time in the week. Lisa Cressman, founder of Backstory Preaching, joined me on the podcast to talk about the vocation of preaching, the nuts and bolts of creating a sermon, and how preachers can be faithful to their calling to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ as well as not destroy their own relationship with God in the process.

lisa cressman.jpeg

Lisa Cressman is the author of 'Backstory Preaching: Integrating Life, Spirituality, and Craft' (The Liturgical Press: Collegeville, 2018), and Craft an Effective Sermon by Friday, (www.backstorypreaching.com), a guest preacher, preaching instructor, and speaker. Lisa is a Certified Daring Way® Facilitator, holds a BS in Nursing from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, an M.Div. from the ... See More

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