Wild & Wonderful

Welcome to WV West Virginia holds a special place in my heart.  Half of my family is from (Momma H's side) Greenbrier County.  As a kid, I spent my summers visiting my grandparents in Williamsburg, WV and going to the West Virginia State Fair in Lewisburg.  I met my wife and made friendships that will last a lifetime while attending college at West Virginia Wesleyan College.  Not only do I love the state of West Virginia but I also love and respect the people of West Virginia.

"Why do people go on TV and act like idiots?"  This was my wife's response to MTV's Jersey Shore spin-off in West Virginia.  "Buckwild" will air on MTV beginning January 3rd with a two episode premier.  This show, from the trailer I have seen, will do nothing but play to the stereotypes and grossly generalized characterizations of the people of West Virginia.  This show is playing itself to the audience of ignorance and stereotypes.

Will I be tuning in so that I myself can see the train-wreck this show will be?  Simply put, NO.  Should you?  Simply put, NO.

If the trailer is any indication, this show will not give any insights into what it is like to grow up in West Virginia.  The people of West Virginia that I know are hard-working, loving, and respectful people.  The West Virginia that I know, is a far cry from the version MTV will be presenting to world in 2013.


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