Zombies: Story of Hope?

Halloween is right around the corner and with Halloween comes scary movies and costumes.  Many of the costumes you will see this year will be zombies.  Zombies of all shapes and sizes.

My brother loves Zombies.  In fact, I would say that if the zombie apocalypse were to begin today he would be the on the short list of people I want on my team.  He introduced me to the movie Zombieland, which introduced me to the idea of "cardio" and the "double-tap".

REI even has a a "Zombie Preparedness" class you can take.  It seems that we being overrun by all things zombies.

Stant  Litore's book, The Zombie Bible  biblical stories are retold as "episodes in humanity's long struggle with hunger and with the hungry dead".   And according to Litore, the story of the zombie can leave us with the same questions that we wrestle with in our faith.

"If, either on religious or philosophical grounds, a zombie story suggests that we do have choices, then the zombie story becomes an allegory of hope."

In a Huffington Post article, Litore dives into six of the questions zombie stories and the stories of our faith raise.

Here's my question, can zombie stories really be a story of hope? Or is it that when it comes to zombies, there is no hope?