Let's Podcast Together 

Podcasting IS the new blogging. Anyone can record and upload a podcast, but it is not as easy as creating a free Wordpress site.

Reaching over 3000 listeners per week, and 3 shows with over 200 episodes, I have been able to take the content and conversations previously reserved for blogs and transformed them into conversations where meaning and voice inflection can never be taken out of context. Podcasting has allowed me to not only grow my audience but it has also brought me closer to it, creating new friendships and partnerships that would never have been possible with the old style of blogging. 

Recording your first episode, editing episode after episode, and managing a show can be a daunting task. Scheduling guests, maintaining and executing the schedule on top of your 9-5 and your side hussle (and oh yeah your family) can create havoc and confusion like you have never known.


I have launched and currently manage multiple podcast projects and have served as a consultant on others. Let my experience help you launch a successful show, taking your thoughts and voice to the airwaves. 

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Need help Launching?

From equipment, software, and the mechanics of editing, podcasting requires you to be a "Jack of all trades." Let me help you navigate the world of microphones, software, platforms, ID3 tags, and RSS feeds to take the stress out of launching your show.

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You've recorded you show but now what? You've coughed and sneezed during the show, and every other word out of your guests mouth was "umm." 

Perhaps you are a seasoned podcast pro but need someone to edit your show so that you can engage with listeners and broaden your platform.

I can edit, add introductions and exits, as well as fade in music, and remove stumbles and fumbles. In editing I provide you with a finished episode, complete with equalized volume levels, edited audio, intro and exits, and ID3 tags.


Show Management

You have multiple shows. You work a full-time job and do not have a spare hour or two to devote to editing, scheduling, and uploading on top of recording. You need more time.

I will manage all aspects of your show, post-production (all aspects of your show outside of recording). From editing to the final upload, I will attend to the details of your show, allowing you to enjoying podcasting without having to deal with the hassle of editing, scheduling, and uploading.

Let me handle the nitty-gritty so you can sit back and enjoy podcasting.