Beer Can Chicken - Take 1

Yesterday I did it.  Yesterday I carried my Weber out of the garage, through Allison's studio, and place my Weber 22.5" OTS in its new home.  Upon doing this I promptly grab my brand new Weber Chimney Starter and fired up the grill. A week prior to this Allison and I had been grocery shopping and saw that whole chickens were on SUPER sale.  Neither one of us knew what we would do with this bird but we knew that one of them was coming home with us.  Yesterday that discounted bird from Harris Teeter met its fate.  That bird met a 3/4 full can of National Bohemian beer and had an hour and a half long date with my Weber.

I'm a novice at grilling.  I am a recovering propane junkie.  After some coaching from my grilling mentor and a YouTube video I felt confident that this could be pulled off.  AND it just so happened that my mom and brother came by the house on their way home from North Carolina, good to see them but bummed they ate all my chicken.

Here are some pictures from yesterday afternoon's excitement.  AND come to find out the previous owner of my Weber already upgraded to the hinged cooking grate, added bonus!