Holy Thursday & First Communion

Last night I observed Holy Thursday by having dinner with nine members of our church. The menu consisted of the most amazing Italian food I have ever eaten. The best part was that aspects of a traditional passover meal were tied into the meal. The evening opened with the a reading from Luke followed by a prayer. Throughout the dinner conversation we discussed aspects of lives where Jesus has met us and thus changed our lives.  It was the most meaningful observance of Holy Thursday that I have been a part of.

The topic of first communion came up and I got to think that I do not remember when or where I first participated in the sacrament of holy communion. I remember my confirmation and remember communion during confirmation but I know that before that I had taken communion but cannot pin a date or place on the first time. Catholics celebrate their first communion often with ceremony and parties thrown by family. There are websites dedicated to gifts you can purchase to commemorate the event. I do not remember a party, or gifts, or even cake. My wife remembers her first time taking communion at the age of 10.

Communion, the Lord's Supper, or the Eucharist is something that has been discussed and argued over by theologians for centuries and continues to be a hot topic issue for Christianity today. Issues over transubstantiation, the elements, and authorization to provide over the sacrament created divides within the church and is something that is still debated by theologians today.

So, do you remember your first communion or are you like me and have no clue about the details?