iPhones, Sex Slavery, and Upgrades

iPhone & JournalAs if we didn’t need another reason to prove that the iPhone is superior to the antiquated Android operating system, here it is: iPhones are being used to save lives around the world. The other day I was searching for the end of the internet and came along one of my favorite blogs, Jamie The Very Worst Missionary.  As I was scrolling through Jamie's posts I noticed a widget with a link to the The Exodus Road.  My curiosity was tickled so I clicked.

The Exodus Road is an organization that is working with investigators throughout Souteast Asia to end modern day slavery, specifically sex slavery. Between July 2012 and January 2013 The Exodus Road has saved 253 children from sexual slavery (check the stats here). That’s 253 children who won’t have to work in a sleazy brothel, being exploited by cowards who are looking to make a buck off of the vulnerable. That’s 253 children who can begin to heal and go back to being a kid.

It’s estimated that there are over 30 million slaves worldwide. That’s 30 million people who are held against their will, forced into domestic service, prostitution, drug smuggling, and other atrocities. A number like 30 million, that’s a 30 with 6 additional zeros, can be daunting and hard to imagine. Organizations like The Exodus Road are working daily with other NGOs to fill the investigative gap that where law enforcement resources are limited.

So how does an old iPhone help? Here’s what The Exodus Road has to say:

Why: I-Phones are quickly becoming key field tools for investigators. The team can use them for gps tracking, quick research, translation help, communications amongst each other and others, and gathering video and photo evidence. We are looking to supply a team of ten investigators (all nationals, all working directly with/for the local police) with reliable phones.

So as you get ready to upgrade your iPhone 5s to the next Apple gem, keep The Exodus Road in mind when you get ready to put that old phone in the drawer or trade it in to save $50. What we think is old and antiquated has the ability to save a life.

For more on The Exodus Road and how you can help to end modern day slavery, check out their website and connect with them on social media.