There's No Place For You


“There’s no future for you in the UMC.”

Her words are like a dagger to the gut.


In advance of the International Sex Conference in St. Louis, Jason and I talked with journalist, blogger, and former UMC pastor Christy Thomas. Christy breaks down the various proposals before the UMC regarding sexuality, why the Traditionalist Plan is the Mean Girl Plan, and why there’s no future for me in the UMC.

I'll be heading to St Louis, along with @JasonMicheli & @tommiemarshell, to cover #GC2019 for @crackersnjuice. I'll be posting on my blog along w/ recording evening interviews for the podcast. Subscribe now (to both) and let me know what you think is going to happen in St Louis. You can help support of work in St. Louis by becoming a Patron of the podcast - CLICK HERE to become a Patron.